3 Star Grant

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What Is It? 

The 3-Star Quality Enhancement Grant Program enables facilities operating at a 3-Star license in Buncombe County to progress to a four star or above rated license. The grant encourages higher education for early childhood educators and administration and helps create sustainable high-quality practices. The two-year process will include the grant application process, grant approval for two facilities, facility needs assessment, relationship building, intensive ERS & CLASS technical assistance, coaching/mentoring, director and administration support. The awarded facilities will be required to apply for an increase in star rating prior to June 2018.

The 3-Star Quality Enhancement Grant has three components:

$10,000 Quality Enhancement Award

This component will assist 3-star licensed child care facilities with achieving greater quality and a higher-star rating by awarding $10,000 for the purchase of developmentally appropriate and culturally competent classroom materials, supplies, and furniture.

Sustainable Quality Program

This component will require an intensive 18-month technical assistance, coaching, and mentoring program for all teachers and administrators, including the director, within the facility. All technical assistance, coaching, and mentoring will be provided by Early Childhood Program Consultants and the CCR&R Director. The goal of this component is to enable a self-sustainable high-quality program by increasing the effectiveness of teacher-child interactions and developmentally appropriate and culturally competent teaching practices that benefit all staff, children, and families. The Environmental Rating Scales and CLASS will be the main tools used for providing technical assistance, coaching, and mentoring.

Early Childhood Program Consultants will partner with Buncombe County’s Child Care Health Consultants and Licensing Consultants to better meet the needs and interests of the awarded facilities.

During the technical assistance process, center-wide staff meetings will be required three to six times a year. Trainings offered during the staff meetings will be decided based on the needs and desires of the grant-awarded programs.

The first two months of the grant will be dedicated to assessing facility-wide needs and forming an agreed upon detailed action plan. In order to best meet the needs and interests of the facility, an evaluation of the action plan will occur twice to allow for any concerns or modifications deemed necessary by the facility or TA providers.

Staff Education Support

This component will encourage an increase in staff education. Along with providing technical assistance and coaching/mentoring, Early Childhood Program Consultants will assist in the process of accessing the T.E.A.C.H. scholarship program, enrolling in early childhood education classes, and support throughout the courses.

The director of grant-awarded programs will be required to enroll in Child Care Business Basics, offered by BPC, or an equivalent course. Other options for sustainable business and administration support will be made available as well.

For more information contact: 

Jenny Vial

CCR&R Director

[email protected]











Playing with Blocks

Benefits for Grant-Awarded Facilities

  • $10,000 for classroom materials, supplies, and furniture
  • Hours of free training and technical assistance for all staff
  • During the two years, all staff may attend trainings hosted by Buncombe Partnership for Children for free
  • Increase in quality of program
  • Increase in subsidy rates
  • Free education opportunities
  • Direct support during early childhood education courses
  • Eligible for SFQ Grant w/star-rating increase

Overall Timeline

  • October 15, 2016 - Grant Application Due Date
  • November 1, 2016 – All applicants notified of award status
  • Mid-November, 2016 – 2-month Assessment of Needs begins
  • December 2016 to January 2017 – Intensive TA Process Begins, support ongoing for no less than 18 months
  • July 2017 – Receive $10,000 for materials, supplies, and furniture
  • No later than February 2018 – Apply for increase in star-rating