Preschool Intervention/Inclusion (SUNSHINE project)

A team of child care consultants provide support to children 0 to 5 enrolled in child care with developmental delays, challenging social/emotional behaviors and/or special needs by offering education and technical assistance to early educators and caregivers. Consultants also assist families of participating children with accessing needed services in the community.


A team of child care consultants provide technical assistance to teachers focused successful classroom inclusion. Consultants meet with the program director, the child’s teacher and their family and then conduct classroom observations and an assessment. After they identify strategies, they work with the teacher to implement the strategies through classroom coaching.

Children may be referred by their teacher or family; families must provide consent before services begin.


Since 2006, 99% of children whose teachers received support from the SUNSHINE Project have successfully remained in their programs.

For more information, contact:
Janet Price-Ferrell
FIRST Parent Center
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Phone: (828) 277-1315
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