The WAGE$ Project

The Child Care WAGE$® Project is an education based salary supplement project for teachers, directors and family child care providers. Buncombe Partnership for Children contributes the funds for supplements while the administrative services are funded by DCDEE and managed by Child Care Services Association. An annual financial award is issued in two installments to teachers who earn $18 or less per hour after the participant completes at least six months in the same child care program. WAGE$ requires participants at lower education levels to move up one education level within two years (family home care providers have 3 years to move up a level) in order to continue receiving a supplement.


Stability is one of the key factors in quality early care and education. The bond that children create with their teachers sets the groundwork for learning, enabling better success in school and life. The consistent association of low teacher turnover rates with positive teaching practices highlights the need for strategies that increase retention.

Salary supplements are tied to the education level of the recipient and the position the recipient holds in her/his program.


To participate in the project, interested child care professionals must complete an application and provide verification of current employment in a child care program, as well as current wages and educational credentials. New applicants should submit an official transcript or complete an internet permission form to allow WAGE$ staff to download your grades directly from your school (if online grades are available).

For more detailed information:
Visit the Child Care WAGE$ website or call Child Care Services Association at (919) 967-3272