We offer family-focused programs that empower parents, promote involvement, and support high quality early education for children of parents and caregivers who are working or attending school.


We offer many forms of support and education to the early childhood community, including brief workshops, training series, intensive technical assistance, and help working towards a degree.


There are only 2,000 days between the time a baby is born and when that child shows up for the first day of kindergarten.

Those days really matter.

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About Buncombe Partnership for Children

The majority of brain development happens during the first 2,000 days—the time between birth and kindergarten–forming the foundation for all future learning. This is why we invest in children from ages birth to 5 years old and their families, caretakers, and educators by partnering with local organizations to:

  • improve the quality of early childhood education;
  • increase access to affordable, high quality early care;
  • expand early literacy opportunities;
  • encourage healthy eating, physical activity, and outdoor play;
  • provide family support.

We value lifelong learning and believe that each child’s first 2,000 days are crucial. Our vision is that every child in our community will reach their fullest potential and be prepared for lifelong success.