Baby plays with a book that has a cow in it and a stuffed cow at the same time

Classes and Outings

Looking for classes or a way to connect with other families?

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Child Care

Looking for resources for finding child care?
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Early Literacy

Looking for resources for early literacy? Check out some of these options!
A bright red heart and a stethoscope on a sheet of paper with heart monitor readouts

Children’s Health and Early Intervention

Wondering who to call for evaluation? Looking for health supports?
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Activity Calendars

Peruse these local calendars to explore family-friendly activities across our region. 
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Parent and Family Support

Parenting support resources, facebook groups, basic supplies, and family activities
Three scenes from the Blue Ridge Pride Festival. In the photo on the left two white women wearing sunglasses with funky curly brown hair and colorful clothing stand in front of a table full of children's books. The woman on the right is holding a young girl in an orange tutu with beaded necklaces. In the center photo, a white teenaged girl with eyes closed and sparkly dyed red hair shows off a rainbow she's had painted on her left cheek. In the photo on the right, a mother with red heart sunglasses, a purple t-shirt that reads "Protect Trans Kids" blonde hair, and red pants smiles standing next to a young person with long brown hair who is holding a rainbow pride flag and a book called "Other Ever After."

Blue Ridge Pride

Two white women and a baby pose with Sesame Street's Elmo character. The woman on the left is wearing bright red and smiling at the camera while holding her baby. Her baby is giving Elmo a big hug and wearing a red stocking cap. Another woman on the right is looking at the baby and wearing a blue jacket.

A Year in Early Childhood in Buncombe County

2022-2023 Achievements With the end of our fiscal year on June 30, we're taking a look back at our accomplishments in early education for Buncombe County kids, families,…
Children on floor covered in craft supplies

Loving Literacy

A young girl with black hair and brown eyes is smiling at the camera and holding up a picture she drew of an orange and green pumpkin.
White teacher reading to children outside
Child playing with clear plastic toys

June Family Friday

Thanks to everyone who sent pictures of your family's favorite outdoors activities. You told us that you and your children enjoy swinging, hiking, grilling, playing baseball and softball, taking walks, bubbles, water, catching bugs and frogs, playing in the snow, gardening, sightseeing, going to the beach, and obstacle courses!
A picture of Joshua McClure, a Black man with long dreads

Meet our Staff: Joshua McClure

Buncombe Partnership for Children's CCR Team is excited to introduce a new member of our staff! Joshua McClure started with BPFC in late September and is already rolling up his sleeves to meet directors and early childhood staff in our area. Joshua has been working in education for many years, most recently as a childcare program director. We are grateful to have Joshua with us, and we want to provide you all with an opportunity to learn more about him.  
Children on floor covered in craft supplies

COVID-19 Update from BPFC

We know  you are probably receiving many emails this week with COVID-19 in the subject line. Like many of you, Buncombe Partnership for Children is making some hard decisions…
Children on floor covered in craft supplies

Long Summer Days

Question: Our children are out of school and child care for the summer. What are some things I can do with them to fill these long summer days without losing my mind? Answer: Ah, Summer days! In our minds, we envision tropical beach vacations, Pinterest-style picnics with those cute bento box lunches, and our content children, merrily catching fireflies well into dusk with their friends and siblings while we gaze at them lovingly from the porch. Wait—what? This is not a reality? Oh, your summer looks more like an endlessly empty fridge (“Didn’t I just buy groceries yesterday?!”), finding dirt and wet socks in every crevasse of your household furniture, and a lot of vocalizing from children about boredom? Well, at least we are all in this together, right? While we can’t guarantee a perfect summer, we hope these tips and ideas will help you enjoy this time of year with the children in your lives!
Child Making Upset Face for blog

Upping Their Game

Question: I’m a new director at a private child care center, and I really want my staff to get on board with raising the quality we are providing children and families. Some of the staff has been there...
Teacher and students looking at art

Learning Language Learners

Question: I’m a Head Start teacher, and my class this year has more children than ever who don’t speak much or any English. It's hard for them to learn the rules or even…
Teacher and children playing in dirt

Child Care By Any Other Name

Question: Can you explain the difference between daycares, child development centers, and preschools? People use all these different terms when they ask what I’m planning…
Child using shovel

Best Laid Plans

Question: I’m a toddler teacher and my director has been talking about how I need to do lesson plans for my kids. My center doesn’t have a particular curriculum we have…
Child with Pacifier

Anxiety and Bleach

Question: My two-year-old son is getting ready to start child care, and my friends have told me he needs to stop using his pacifier because it won’t be allowed in the classroom.…
Shy Child

Early Intervention Worries

Question: My child’s teacher gave me a form the other day asking permission to get her evaluated for speech delays. I know my daughter is shy and doesn’t talk much in…
PreK Circle Time

Ready for Kindergarten Readiness?

Question: I’m the parent of a 4-year-old, and I keep getting questions from my friends and family about what I’m doing to get her “ready for kindergarten.” I’ve…
Children on floor covered in craft supplies

Whether the Weather

Question: My director is always bugging me to take my kids outside, even when it’s cold or wet. I don’t mind that much myself, but as soon as they get out there they get…
Children on floor covered in craft supplies


Intentionality Question: I am a director at a large center, and some of my teachers are showing signs of burn out. They seem uninterested in their jobs, and are not receptive…
Children on floor covered in craft supplies

Family Child Care Homes

Question: Ever since I had my first child, I’ve been taking care of my kids and some friends’ kids while they are at work. I’m a stay-at-home mom with a big basement…
Children on floor covered in craft supplies

Inclusion and Special Needs

Special Needs & Inclusion - February 13th, 2017 Question: It seems like every year I have more kids with “special needs” in my room. They can be really hard to deal…
Children on floor covered in craft supplies

The Art of Art

Question: My consultants keep talking about “child-directed art” and how I don’t have enough of it to satisfy ECERS requirements. What exactly is the difference between…
Children on floor covered in craft supplies

Down in the Dumps

Down in the Dumps - February 3rd, 2017 Question: My center is going through rating scales, and my consultant keeps talking to me about how I need more materials in my 2-year-old…
Children on floor covered in craft supplies

Why Ask Why?

Why Ask Why? - February 8th, 2017 Question: I’m a pre-K teacher, and my director keeps telling me I need to “interact more” and “talk more” with my kids. I love…