Blue Ridge Pride!

Three scenes from the Blue Ridge Pride Festival. In the photo on the left two white women wearing sunglasses with funky curly brown hair and colorful clothing stand in front of a table full of children's books. The woman on the right is holding a young girl in an orange tutu with beaded necklaces. In the center photo, a white teenaged girl with eyes closed and sparkly dyed red hair shows off a rainbow she's had painted on her left cheek. In the photo on the right, a mother with red heart sunglasses, a purple t-shirt that reads

It’s not an easy time for many LGBTQ+ families, youth, children, and educators. One of our core values is to support all families so they can best support their children. So we were excited to show up for them at the Blue Ridge Pride Festival on September 30. We handed out 125 free pride-themed children’s books, some donated by our friends at Read to Succeed. We made and gave away hundreds of buttons with fun designs using a button maker that were a big hit. And our friends Adrienne and Kim offered face painting and smiles galore.

A young person with red curly hair smiles and displays the rainbow face paint on her cheek in the picture on the left. In the center photo a white woman with short blonde hair in a gray t-shirt stands behind a table with many children's books and a boy in a red and gray sweatshirt sits on her left in a blue folding chair. In the photo on the right two white women hug and smile at the camera. The woman on the left has auburn curly hair and pink and purple eye shadow. The woman on the right is wearing glasses, has medium brown hair, and is wearing rainbow butterfly wings.