Week of the Young Child 2023

Loving Literacy

A young girl with black hair and brown eyes is smiling at the camera and holding up a picture she drew of an orange and green pumpkin.

Un-Holidaying the Holidays

Child playing with clear plastic toys

Ready for Kindergarten?

July Family Friday

June Family Friday

Thanks to everyone who sent pictures of your family’s favorite outdoors activities. You told us that you and your children enjoy swinging, hiking, grilling, playing baseball and softball, taking walks, bubbles, water, catching bugs and frogs, playing in the snow, gardening, sightseeing, going to the beach, and obstacle courses!

A picture of Joshua McClure, a Black man with long dreads

Meet our Staff: Joshua McClure

Buncombe Partnership for Children’s CCR Team is excited to introduce a new member of our staff! Joshua McClure started with BPFC in late September and is already rolling up his sleeves to meet directors and early childhood staff in our area. Joshua has been working in education for many years, most recently as a childcare program director. We are grateful to have Joshua with us, and we want to provide you all with an opportunity to learn more about him.