Can’t join us at An Evening for Children with Libby and Michael de Caetani? You can still give to support a great cause!

The Buncombe Partnership for Children builds a strong foundation for children’s learning and development from birth to five, together with educators, families, and the community. Every dollar invested in early education brings an annual return on investment of 13%.

Do you support kids? We help kids learn through play, enjoy free books with their families, and get help when they have developmental delays. All during the first 2,000 days of life, when over 90% of their brain development happens.

Do you support educators? Early educators are the workforce making it possible for parents to go to work. They’re too often underpaid and underappreciated. We offer them wage supplements and help them continue their education and transform their job into a dignified career.

Do you support families? We help families find and pay for high-quality child care. We support parents to build a support network and create secure attachments with their children.

Do you support racial justice? In the Asheville City Schools, only 13% of Black students in grades 3-8 scored as proficient in reading. 75% of white students did. We’re helping close the opportunity gap. Third graders who attended pre-k have higher reading and math scores and a high school graduation rate 44% higher than those who don’t. 60% of local NC Pre-K students are children of color. 71% of students live in households earning below 130% of the federal poverty level.

Support the Buncombe Partnership for Children!