Buncombe Partnership for Children Early Childhood Education Map

Key question

According to data provided by BPC, there are 95 Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs spread throughout Buncombe County:

  • 31 of those are funded and
  • 64 are unfunded.

If we could fund 10 more schools, how might we do so to have the greatest impact? In addition, how might we illustrate our conclusions?

An approach

The map below displays funded and unfunded ECE sites. Funded sites provide NC Pre-K and/or Head Start. Unfunded sites may include those that accept child care subsidy. The sites are displayed against a backdrop of other information that we can choose from. In addition, we can filter which unfunded sites to display based on criteria cutoffs that we specify. Using these filters, it becomes much easier to narrow down the 64 unfunded sites.

Data sources

  • Social vulnerability index for Census tracts comes from the Cape Fear Collective.
  • School enrollment and ECE status data comes from BPFC.
  • All other data comes from the US Census bureau
    • This specifically uses the American Community Survey’s most recent five year estimates for
      • Total population
      • White population
      • Black population
      • Hispanic population
    • Data for other racial groups were not included on this map due to their low numbers. County wide, for example,
      • 1.2% are Asian,
      • 0.3% are American Indian, and
      • 0.1% are Native Hawaiian.