A picture of Joshua McClure, a Black man with long dreads

Meet our Staff: Joshua McClure

The Buncombe Partnership for Children CCR Team is excited to introduce a new member of our staff! Joshua McClure started with BPFC in late September and is already rolling up his sleeves to meet directors and early childhood staff in our area. Joshua has been working in education for many years, most recently as a childcare program director. We are grateful to have Joshua with us, and we want to provide you all with an opportunity to learn more about him.  


Tell us a little about yourself (where are you from, where do you live, what is your background,  any hobbies, etc.). 


My name is Joshua McClure, I’m an Early Childhood Program consultant here at Buncombe Partnership for Children. I am an Asheville native, and I recently bought a house with my partner in Canton, North Carolina. I went to Western Carolina University and graduated in 2013 with degrees in Psychology and Elementary Education. I have been working in some type of youth program since I was 16. My hobbies include shopping, hiking, and spending time with my loved ones. I also like to think that I am a chef at heart. 


What are you most looking forward to about working at Buncombe Partnership for Children, and working with our local early childhood professionals? 


I have been wanting to work for Buncombe Partnership since 2018 and I could not be more excited to be here now. Childcare has been in a fragile state especially during these times. I want to provide support to our current teachers and directors by giving them the resources and support they need most in this moment.  


How do you think your background (in and out of early childhood) will allow you to shine in this role?  

My dedication and determination to learn more about early childhood has always been a priority. I recently went back to school where I earned a certificate in Early Childhood Administration from Blue Ridge Community College. With my experiences in education, I feel more able to relate, educate, and share more resources that will be able to support teachers and directors.   


From your previous experiences, what was the best part of being a director, in your opinion?  

What did you find challenging?

I loved being able to go in and be present– every day was different. It was such a pleasure to greet all my families and staff. Call me corny, but I knew I would make their day with a smile and joke.  

My biggest challenge was recently during COVID. It was hard to adapt to the new restrictions, as well as to create new policies and procedures. We created a platform to express some of our concerns, but it was still hard. I felt like I was not able to support some of my families who were on the verge of potential job loss due to missing so much work as a result of the policies we had to put in place, but I also had a responsibility to keep everyone safe and healthy. I just tried to remind everyone that these are tough times, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we all need to be working together towards that light.  


Considering all that is happening in early childhood education, particularly in our local context, 

what advice would you give to directors in Asheville and Buncombe County around how to best support teachers, families, and children at this time? 

I think it is important to understand that right now during the pandemic we are all struggling. It has been hard to adjust and see the impacts this is having on our families and teachers. I recently saw a post on social media that made me really think about where we are. It stated “We showed up today. Please be nice.” It hit home because we sometimes are afraid and struggle, but showing up for our families and children is so important. Just give care, love, and support. I am happy to be in this role with BPFC and I plan on contributing positively by providing that support. 

Joshua is looking forward to connecting with area program directors and teachers! You can contact him by email at joshua@buncombepfc.org or via phone at 828-407-2066.